Zisiadis Anastasios & CO. L.P.C.

ZISIADIS ANASTASIOS & CO. L.P.C. is a specialized firm dedicated to the study and construction of private and public technical projects. With expertise in licensing Mobile Telephony Base Stations and a strong focus on real estate development and management, we are committed to delivering high-quality results.

After accumulating years of experience, we have formed a knowledgeable study group that can prepare customized studies and organize the necessary procedures for each project. We have also cultivated a robust network of partners who provide comprehensive support across various domains. Our extensive project portfolio has honed our ability to efficiently coordinate multiple work groups, always prioritizing adherence to schedules and ensuring exceptional quality outcomes.

Zisiadis Anastasios & CO. L.P.C.​

Our comprehensive services encompass various technical project studies, including Topographical, Architectural, Static, Electromechanical, Economical, and Environmental studies. We also offer construction supervision services and excel in renovating spaces by carefully studying their unique characteristics and proposing optimal technical and financial solutions.

Furthermore, we handle the issuance of all essential permits for residential and commercial buildings, such as permits for change of use, small-scale permits, and shop, and business operating permits.

Our company has been actively involved in the public works sector since 1991. As a holder of a 4th class MEK contracting degree, we collaborate with other technical companies to monitor and construct public infrastructure projects. We have also successfully navigated building construction control procedures by the laws L.3843/2010, L.4014/2011, L.4178/2013, and L.4495/2017.

Additionally, we specialize in supervising the installation of photovoltaic systems and issuing Energy Performance Certificates, Electronic Building Identity, and more.

A core area of our expertise lies in telecommunications and the licensing of Telephone Base Stations. We have established partnerships with renowned companies such as COSMOTE, VODAFONE, OTE, WIND, DIGEA, and ERT.
Furthermore, we maintain collaborations with OPAKE companies – OTE, OTE ESTATE, and EYDAP, across various sectors. Our commitment to continual development and evolution is certified by EN ISO 9001:2015, EN ISO 14001:2015, and EN ISO 27001:2013.

At ZISIADIS ANASTASIOS & CO. L.P.C., we strive to provide exceptional services that meet the highest standards of quality, efficiency, and professionalism.

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