Office 56tsp

OFFICE 56 TECHNICAL STUDIES AND PROJECTS, also known as “OFFICE 56TSP“, is a dynamic technical company established in 2020 as a natural progression of ZISIADIS ANASTASIOS & CO. L.P.C.

The establishment of OFFICE 56TSP aimed to streamline and specialize the operations of both companies by creating dedicated departments for specific areas of focus. This strategic move allows us to provide more focused and efficient services to our clients.

At the heart of OFFICE 56TSP’s objectives lies the pursuit of excellence in mobile telephony licensing, private projects (including design, licensing, and construction), and extending these services to a broader network of partners. We are dedicated to staying at the forefront of the industry, especially in areas that will shape the next decade, such as UFBB and FTTH network evolution. To achieve this, we collaborate with teams of specialist partners who bring valuable expertise to our projects.

Office 56tsp

Building on our extensive experience in mobile telephony, real estate development, project studies, environmental impact assessments, and consulting services, OFFICE 56TSP is now venturing into new frontiers, particularly in fibre optic network studies. We are committed to active participation in cutting-edge technical matters, seeking optimal solutions, and meticulously planning the necessary studies and construction projects.

By leveraging our accumulated knowledge and embracing emerging technologies, OFFICE 56TSP is dedicated to delivering superior results and providing innovative solutions. We continually strive to enhance our ability to address complex challenges while ensuring meticulous planning and execution of projects.

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