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Μελέτες - Επιβλέψεις Ζησιάδης Αναστάσιος

Technical Studies and Supervision

Specialized in comprehensive studies for various technical projects, covering Topographical, Architectural, Static, Electromechanical, Economical, and Environmental aspects. Expert supervision throughout the construction process.

Κατασκευ'ες - Ανακαινίσεις Ζησιάδης Αναστάσιος

Construction and Renovations

From the initial excavation phase to the completion of each project, we excel in the complete construction of residential, commercial, and public spaces, including hotels, exhibition venues, industrial premises, and special constructions. Projects are meticulously executed in adherence to budget constraints, quality specifications, and designated timelines. We also offer expertise in space renovations, carefully studying unique requirements and proposing optimal technical and financial solutions.

Ανάπτυξη ακινήτων Ζησιάδης Αναστάσιος

Real Estate Development

Specializing in property evaluation and economic/technical studies, the company identifies and prepares properties for exploitation. Management of negotiation processes for property sales is also available.

Έκδοση αδειών Ζησιάδης Αναστάσιος

Permit Issuance

We manage the issuance of permits for residential and commercial buildings, change of use permits, small-scale permits, and operating permits for various establishments through our extensive network of partners across Greece.

Τακτοποιήσεις - Νομιμοποιήσεις Ζησιάδης Αναστάσιος

Settlements and Legalizations

We specialize in the regularization and legalization of unauthorized constructions, working within the current legislation to minimize fines. Our expertise includes settlements under laws such as L.3843/2010, L.4014/2011, L.4178/13, and L.4495/2017.

Εκτιμήσεις - Πραγματογνωμοσύνες Ζησιάδης Αναστάσιος

Estimates and Expertise

Leveraging our extensive experience, we provide expert opinions and estimates, delivering reliable insights across various domains.

Σταθμοί βάσης κινητής τηλεφωνίας Ζησιάδης Αναστάσιος

Mobile Telephony Base Stations

We provide a wide range of services for Mobile Telephony Base Stations, which includes conducting studies, obtaining necessary approvals and obtaining full licensing. Our services involve securing permits such as Town Planning Approvals, Environmental Impact Study Approvals, Archaeological Approvals, Forestry Legislation Approvals, and Power Generation Pair Operating Permits nationwide. Our team of experts and personnel acquire the essential knowledge and skills.

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